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We’ve come a long way since the hiss of a 56k modem was our portal to the web, and Angelfire was your go-to place to design a website that advertised your hobbies or business. As web development has moved on from those neon-soaked, ad-cluttered pages, today there are a host of options for easy, configurable web design.

The Old Days of Web Development

These bare-bones, out-of-the-box solutions can throw up a clean design that’s functional. If you’re a small business and wish to remain small with few complicating factors, these pages offer a bargain-friendly option.

If you want or need more for your business, you need to go custom.

Do You Need a Custom Web Development Solution or Redesign?

When was the last time you redesigned your website? Was it during a rebrand or an attempt to revamp the existing content on your site? Most businesses need a website redesign every 2-3 years, yet it’s often not a priority or the results aren’t measured.

Deciding on a redesign is not easy. If your site isn’t showing year-to-year growth or the site has become a barrier for your customers to overcome, you are probably long overdue. A website is never completely finished. It requires continuous improvement to remain relevant and attract new customers. Before you lose more time to, “I’ll get to it later,” let’s look at some factors to consider.

ABC – Always Be Converting

What’s your conversion rate — the measure of how many visitors performed the desired action — and how has it performed over the lifetime of your website? If you don’t know or your conversion rate is stagnant, it’s unlikely that your website is performing where it could be.

Do You Even Integrate, Bro?

Does your website play nice with all of your software and systems? Few businesses possess one single software solution that handles all business needs. Your third-party or in-house software needs to integrate and work together seamlessly; failure will cost you time and money and potentially damage your brand. Rather than hire an entire IT team, custom web development brings in a staff of highly trained developers to ensure your systems integrate, and your customers see only professional, guaranteed results.

The Website Time Suck

Is the website taking too much of your valuable time? You already have a full-time career running your business, and it’s a problem when, instead of providing great customer support or growing the business, you’re forced to troubleshoot and serve as technical support. A custom web development team brings the knowledge and resources to provide peace-of-mind that your site is being created professionally so that you can focus on your area of expertise: your business.

Who Made This Thing Again?

If your site was created over time or has gone through changes, there are a lot of possible points of failure that might not be apparent. Using experts who know how to keep it all in sync — domain registration, site hosting and web development — can free up even more of your already limited time.

If You’re Not First, You’re Last

The online world is dominated by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — essentially your natural, organic ranking on search engines — and settling for template design and content is not the key to jumping ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, everyone else wants to be at the top too, and it takes a unique, custom web design to bring your content to the front. If your site falls outside the top 10 search results, more than 95 percent of web traffic will not even see your result!

Is Custom Web Development Right for You?

Out-of-the-box sites are unlikely to provide you the tools need to craft your vision, truly reach your customers and drive their engagement and business. Custom web design can help you get the conversions you need to grow, integrate your products, avoid the hassles of day-to-day site management and get you to the top of search engines! It’s a big decision, we know, but do you really have another year to wait?

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