Do you Really Need a Website Redesign? Yes—You Do, Here’s Why

5 Reasons Why You Need a Custom Website Redesign

What’s the face of your company? Your store front? Probably not. Your logo? Maybe… Or is it your website? Definitely! You need to make the best first impression on your visitors if you want to convert them into customers, and for that, you’re going to need a killer website.

If you aren’t getting the traffic or the conversions you’d like from your website or you want to see what more is possible, let’s diagnose what’s wrong and see if a redesign is your ticket to seeing the success you want.

1. Is your website focused on your company?

If you answered Yes! with gusto, you might be surprised to find out that’s actually not a great thing. It’s probably time for a redesign. Back in the 90’s— let’s call it Generation Web 1.0— websites were static and essentially an online brochure for your company. This information wasn’t addressing the pressing problems facing consumers. We tolerated it, but we didn’t love it. The most effective websites today are interactive, delivering videos or other media that address your customer’s top problems or sign them up for your email list to get consistent communication, tips and solutions.

Today, websites are created with design elements that focus on the visitor and turning them into a customer. That means less attention to navigation bars and logos that are all about the company and instead, more emphasis on user experience and showcasing relevant content.


2. Is your website experiencing a high bounce rate?

If so, this can be reduced with a website redesign. According to, “in 2017, mobile accounted for 50.3% of all web traffic generated worldwide.”

If you site does not have a responsive design, it’s going to be hard to keep people on there long enough to make a purchase.  So not only does your bounce rate go up, your sales go down. Womp, womp.


3. Is it clear to your website visitors what you offer or how you can help them?

Not sure? Consider a website redesign. When websites are cluttered, it overwhelms the visitor. Analysis paralysis is a top concern with all of the options and data at customer fingertips. When faced with too many choices, we tend to make no decision at all. Keep it simple!

Your website should be designed in a way that makes it blatantly obvious how you can help someone. Putting this front and center leaves your website visitors confident they are in the right place.


4. Do you have call-to-actions (CTAs) on your site?

A call-to-action is a clickable button on a web page that encourages someone to take action. If you haven’t designed your website to include these, I see a web redesign in your future.

A CTA might be to Download, Learn More, Subscribe, or Buy Now. Whatever it is, you need to get the visitor to Click. That. Button. This will improve your conversion rates—taking them from visitor to lead. You do that by making your CTA button stand out— using the right copy on the button, making it large enough to draw attention and using an eye-catching color.


5. Does your website have user flow?

What in the world is user flow, you ask? Well, it’s not too different than water running through a pipe only your website is the pipe and your customer is the water. You want the smoothest transition from visitor to customer, guiding them each step of the way without confusion or pauses.

Have you had prospects or clients tell you they don’t “get” your website or that it’s confusing? Ouch, that’s a sale you probably didn’t get. When you design your website with user flow in mind, you engineer how your customer will start and end their journey to becoming your newest customer.


Most websites can tighten up at least one of these foundations. If your site is lacking in one or even two areas, an update may be enough to increase your visitors, conversions and in the end, your sales. Website updates should happen about once per month according to digital marketing company, Firstpage Marketing.

Or you could be better off going all in for a full redesign—especially if it’s been over three years since you’ve done anything to your site.

If you have an awesome business and could use a little help with designing a website that demonstrates that, don’t be shy now…reach out to us here at DWebware for a consultation.

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