Your Website is the Key to Your Content Marketing

How to Make Your Website The Key to Your Content Marketing Strategy

For brick and mortar businesses, the purpose of radio and newspaper ads, billboards, and TV commercials was to entice prospective customers into the store. Once the business owners got them there, they could start selling their products and services. Today, with online shopping ever gobbling up market share, your website has the capability or may just be your new brick and mortar store. All your content marketing from online ads, to social media posts, to videos, to blog posts, and emails are created with the goal of driving your prospects back to your business headquarters- your website.

Most companies are looking to increase their content marketing efforts in the coming years, in fact, information shared by says “the content marketing industry is projected to be worth $412 billion by 2021”, so it’s critical to the success of your company to have a website that is built for content marketing.

Think of it this way- the content on your website is there to assist your customers when you can’t be, but if they can’t find their way their around your website they’re going to be lost and leave without their problems solved.

So is your website up to the task of serving your leads content that will help them achieve their goals? Let’s look at the key components of a website designed for content marketing success and find out.

Web Design Elements and Optimization

A website designed to further your content marketing efforts can’t JUST look pretty, but it does need to be visually appealing. The colors should be pleasing, the images should be high-resolution and placed appropriately, the titles and headers should be prominent, and the layout of the content needs to include white space to improve readability. Design is critical, but it shouldn’t be overdone to the point it masks the true purpose of your site.

Digital Analytics and Reporting

One pushback for companies looking to start using content marketing, is that they have no way of knowing if it’s working. Having analytics running behind the scenes of your website allows you to track your content marketing efforts. By adding Google Analytics to your site, you can determine page views, unique visitors, average time on site and bounce rates. Tracking where your traffic is coming from and where they’re going to on your site tells you exactly what content is resonating and generating interest. This can become extremely important when sharing ROI with senior management.

Website Security and Digital Goodwill

With data breaches cropping up frequently these days, it’s important that customers feel secure when they’re on your website. Let visitors know their security is a top priority. Having a professional-looking website can make or break a deal. If your website is outdated or is slow to load, customers lose faith in your business. Luckily, you can build elements into your site that strengthen your trustworthiness in the eyes of your visitors.

Optimizing the User Experience

An effective website is designed with your buyer persona in mind. Why will they be coming to your website and what will they be looking for when they get there? Make this content easy to find for a better user experience. You can accomplish that with straightforward site navigation as well as well-written headlines and higher-converting landing pages.

Landing pages are separate from your website but should be a consistent design to your website. On your landing pages, avoid distractions and multiple calls-to-action. Instead make it easy for someone to see what they’re supposed to do with visible links and one action they should take.

Your Digital Handshake and First Connection

For many of your prospective customers, your website is the first, if not only, experience with your company. Make it interactive and allow them opportunities to communicate with you. You can do this by enabling blog comments, adding social sharing buttons to your site, including a contact form and a place to subscribe to your email list.


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